Shoe Making Process

1. Masking

The first step is masking of shoe which means Taping of last to give 2D effect of last .
2. Cutting of leather

The initial stage of shoe making process involves cutting of leather i.e the cutting of upper sole of the shoe.
3. Stitching

Once the masking is done the next step is stitching. It is also know as “Closing” . Closing is where the various sections of the shoe upper are stitched together.
4. Lasting

The next stage is lasting of shoe ie the upper of the shoe is pulled up as attached to the insole of the Toe.
5. Sole stitching

Once the lasting is done the next step involves is stitching of sole. This operation stitches the sole to the welt. The sole are inter lock stitched to give the strength.
6. Edge trimming

Once the sole stitching is done the next step involves Edging of shoe ie giving proper shape of upper from The front.
7. Finishing and quality check

The second last step involves the finishing of shoe. The sole bottoms are stained and polished. 
8. Packaging

The final stage involves packaging of shoes.